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The difference between a Cruiser skateboard vs. Regular skateboards

Cruiser skateboards are fusions of skateboards and longboards, and are generally not bigger than conventional skateboards. The shape is often inspired by the old school designs of the 1970’s skateboards and the hardware is a lot like what you find on a longboard. This setup results in agile and handy cruiser board for everyday use. However, the skateboard cruisers are not only smooth riders for roaming the city - they have also become modern lifestyle accessories.

With its “kick-tail” the cruiser skateboard has a deck shape much like that of a conventional skateboard. On the other hand, cruiser boards have larger trucks than those of the conventional skateboard. The wheels are often larger and softer which makes them both fast and grippy. At the same time, the bushings are very flexible, giving the rider the ability to easily turn and manoeuvre.

From skateboard to a cruiser board

The history of the skateboard started back in the 1940's and 1950's where the first homemade skateboards with roller skate wheels unveiled. The first commercialized skateboards were manufactured for a surf shop in California. The skateboards were sold to surfers who wanted to surf the streets when surfing the sea wasn't a possibility.

It wasn't until the 1970's that polyurethane wheels were invented. This invention improved the quality of the skateboards significantly. After this, the popularity of skateboards increased rapidly, and skateboard manufacturers started to experiment with the materials of the decks and the sizes of wheels, trucks etc. Decks of aluminium, fibreglass and other kinds of plastic started to appear in the skateboard industry. Lately, the mini cruisers have regained their popularity and brands such as Penny, Stereo Vinyl Cruiser, and Globe, who all produce plastic boards, have become very popular.

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