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Accelerate Fast With Race BMX Cranks

From as soon as you snap out of the gate to crossing the finish line, race BMX is all about acceleration. The crankset is a key part of your setup as it is what riders use to transfer power from their legs to the chainring. BMX bike cranks for racing are usually made from lightweight aluminium.

Riders choose a crank length to suit their personal style but most racers tend to go for longer cranks of around 175-180 mm. Using a longer crank will give you more leverage when accelerating out of the gate and can maximise your speed. However, some riders use small cranks. The benefit of using a smaller crank for racing is that you won’t have to pedal as much after the first jump and corner and will also get more ground clearance.

Just like with freestyle BMX, you have the option between 2 piece and 3 piece cranks, however, a lot of riders opt for a 2 piece model as it is lighter.

To complete the fresh look of new race cranks, it's nice to add a new set of Race BMX Pedals to your setup.

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