Off-Road Skating

Off-Road Skating Combines Sport And Nature

Off-road skating, also called dirt skating, is a form of inline skating in off-road conditions, such as dirt tracks, mountain trails, and forest paths. Because of the rough, uneven surfaces, off-road inline skating is not feasible with regular fitness skates. This is because fitness skates are equipped with smaller wheels and bearings that are not made for off-road tracks.

If you really wish to conquer the forest trails and explore the wilderness regardless of the surface and weather, you need sturdy off-road skates with large, air-filled tyres. Off-road inline skating is best suited for more experienced skaters, who already have a good balance, are familiar with rough surfaces, and enjoy spending time in nature.

Different Styles of Off-Road Rollerblading

Off-road skating can be divided into two general skating styles - downhill and cross-country. Cross-country skating is a combination of Nordic walking, roller skiing, and inline skating. This type of skating is performed using two poles that will help you roll on uneven terrains. In addition, cross-country skating is executed with two-wheeled setups, similar to roller skiing.

Downhill off-road skating is usually performed in more hilly areas, where the skates can be used to ride down some grassy or dirt hills in all kinds of weather conditions - even in a bit of snow. However, to avoid injuries, it is not recommended to skate down on too steep hills. Downhill-oriented skating is usually performed without poles and with three-wheeled skates.

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