Roller Hockey - Inline Hockey

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What Is Roller Hockey and How Is It Played?

Roller Hockey, also known as inline hockey or street hockey, is a high-paced sport derived from ice hockey played on hard, smooth surfaces. In this sport, players use roller blades to move on the surface and hockey sticks to shoot a hard plastic ball or puck into their opponents’ goal. Each team is composed of five players including the goalkeeper and although considered a contact sport, body checking is prohibited.

Roller Hockey Equipment and Essential Gear

Since street hockey is a fast-paced sport, physical contact between players may occur and can result in injuries. For this reason, roller hockey players should wear protective gear which is enforced in all official competitions. Protective equipment includes a helmet, elbow pads, protective gloves, hockey shoulder, athletic cup and shin pads at the very least.

Roller hockey skates (inline hockey skates) are stiff, light and very similar to ice hockey skates. They mount small wheels, offering players fast acceleration and the possibility to perform quick turns.

Players also use a stick made of wood or composite materials. The stick dimensions vary from player to player depending on their size. The stick should not be wider than 5 cm or weigh over 500g.

Where to Play Roller Hockey?

Invented in London, England, professional inline hockey is played in a rectangular-shaped rink, the surface is usually made of either wood or cement. The playing surface is surrounded by a boundary designed to separate spectators and to keep the puck or ball in play.

However, any dry surface can be used to play roller hockey. You can always gather some friends, practise your skating skills and try out this amazing sport before joining a club. Roller hockey is an extremely fun activity that requires only two people and one goal to master passing and shooting techniques.

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