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Skateboards for tricks - street and ramps

At SkatePro we offer you a wide range of skateboards to choose between because we believe that it is important that you get every opportunity to find a skateboard that matches your specific needs and abilities. In our skate shop we offer complete skateboards ready to ride, separate decks as well as spare parts like trucks and wheels to make it possible for you to assemble and customise your own board.

Before buying a skateboard, it is important that you find out what your needs are. If you would like to use your board for flip tricks and ramps, skateboards are designed for this purpose, but if you are more into cruising and carving, you might rather want to go for a longboard.

Skateboard construction

Most skateboards decks are made of maple. Maple is great for skateboard decks because it is a very strong material that can endure the impact that the deck is subject to under tricks and stunts. Canadian maple is the strongest type of wood used to produce skateboard decks. The length of the deck is typically around 28-33 inches and the width around 7-10.5 inches.

Skateboard wheels are available in different sizes and durometer. If you are into stunts on ramps, large wheels are suited for this purpose, but if you are more into street skating, you should choose slightly smaller wheels as they will bring you closer to the ground and provide more stability.

The history of skateboards

Skateboarding derives from the West Coast, U.S. where surfers needed something to do on the mainland when they couldn’t go for a ride on the waves. Instead, they got the idea of putting wheels on their surfboards bringing surfing to the streets. The laid-back lifestyle of the West Coast is also often associated with skateboard culture since this is and always has been the centre of the skateboard industry. Throughout the years, the shape of the skateboard has developed into several kinds as they have been optimised for new purposes.

The history of skateboarding as we know it today began in the 1940’s when people first started to mount wheels on plates, planks and other things they could use as decks. In the 1960’s the first shops started to sell skateboards and in the 1970’s ceramic and metal wheels were replaced with polyurethane wheels that we know from skateboards of our days. In the 1980’s the skateboarding industry was flourishing, and a great number of skateboard companies run by skateboarders emerged. Throughout this decade, several movies about the skateboarding culture were released and some of them even became cult classics that left a great impression of the whole skateboarding lifestyle.

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