Cross Country Ski Clothing

What Cross Country Ski Clothes Should I Wear?

Cross country ski clothing needs to keep your body warm enough while giving your legs and arms a full range of motion to move efficiently. Cross country skiing is an aerobic sport similar to running, so lightweight and breathability are some qualities to look for in Nordic ski clothing. Clothing with synthetic fibres and merino wool are good because they can transport the sweat and heat away from your skin. A smart layering system many cross country skiers use is a base layer, mid layer and outer layer.

Base Layer - It is the layer of ski clothing you’ll wear next to your skin and is responsible for moisture wicking and retaining heat.

Mid Layer - This layer is primarily to keep you warm. Many models come with zips, so you can open and close them according to how warm or cold you are feeling. We recommend a mid layer that contains wool, polyester or other insulating fabrics.

Outer Layer - It can be worn straight over the mid layer or only with the base layer, depending on the weather conditions. Outer layers are both water-resistant and wind-breaking, but at the same time allow moisture to evaporate through the fabric, so you keep warm.

Gloves, Hats and Neck Gaiters For Cross Country Skiing

These are the smaller cross country clothing items that can make all the difference on cold days. The gloves are high in dexterity, made with appropriate material for gripping poles. Light headbands, thicker fleece hats or balaclava are some possibilities to wear on your head depending on the temperatures.

If you are also looking to purchase your own cross country ski equipment but need some more help, check out our Buying Cross country skis guide.

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