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What Is BMX?

BMX, standing for bicycle motocross, is a cycling discipline suitable for all age groups and abilities. The sport has evolved since its creation, and BMX bikes can now be seen all over the world. BMX is an action sport for everyone and is not limited to children and teenagers.

BMX bikes are instantly recognizable thanks to being smaller than road or mountain bikes, and their thick tyres. The bikes are small in order to reduce weight and maximise the tricks and stunts you can do. Originally designed for off-road racing, BMX bicycles can handle tough terrain and aggressive riding.

The Different Types of BMX Bikes

There are several different disciplines of BMX riding. BMX racing is the original version of the sport. Here, competitors aim to get around a dirt track with ramps and jumps as fast as they can. Fast-paced and frantic, BMX race bikes are built solely with the purpose of racing.

Freestyle BMX has the goal of performing tricks and stunts. Within freestyle riding, there are numerous styles such as Street, Trails and Flatland. Freestyle bikes come in a range of different styles and are usually made out of Chromoly or aluminium. A 20-inch wheel size is standard, however, 16-18 inches may be better suited to younger riders.

Mini BMX is a newer type of BMX bike. Mini BMX have a wheel diameter of approximately 10 inches and stand out thanks to their chubby wheels and often vibrant designs. However, despite their size, mini BMX are suitable for all BMX riders.

Who Invented BMX Bikes?

BMX developed as a more affordable and accessible form of motocross in 1970s California. The sport quickly gained popularity across the US before spreading around the world. There is no single inventor of the BMX bike, but pioneers such as Bob Haro and Scot Alexander Breithaupt helped it to develop into the sport it is today. Freestyle and racing BMX made their debut as Olympic sports in 2008.

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