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BMX Protective Gear

No matter if you ride your BMX in the streets or at you local skate park a having the right BMX protective gear is important for you, not only for your safety and your progression but also for your riding experience.

The most essential BMX safety gear is a helmet

Everyone from beginners to the pros rides a helmet. All the helmets you find in our BMX protective gear category is EN 1078 certificated; this means that the helmet is approved for both skating and bike use.

Progress faster: Do like the pros and ride with protection pads and shin guards

Other good investments when it comes to protective gear are shin guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves.

All these pieces of BMX protective gear will not only keep you safe, and reduce the risk of getting injured.

Wearing safety gear will also make you feel safe, which means that you get the confidence to push yourself further, and take things to the next level.

You find a lot of different knees, elbow and shin guards in our selection of BMX protective gear.

We have the classic protection pads that you can wear on the outside on your clothes, but we also have pads that you can wear under your pants, and that is highly flexible and allows you to move freely.

What you chose is up to your personal preference and riding style.