Inline Skates & Roller Skates

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Inline Vs. Roller Skating: What is Best for Beginners?

Inline skating and roller skating are both fun activities that require practise to master. The best and easiest for you depends on which skating style you prefer. From fitness skating and aggressive skating to rhythm skating and roller derby, there are many disciplines for you to choose from.

Inline skating is considered an easy activity to get into. Compared to roller skating, it allows you to explore outdoor spaces with greater peace of mind: the longer wheelbase of inline skates, combined with their larger wheels, makes it possible to overcome small bumps and cracks on the road, offering speed and easier propulsion.

Roller skating, also known as quad skating, offers a wider base of stability, but the plate of the skates is quite short, which can make falling forward or backward more frequent while learning. Quad skating provides more side balance, which can boost confidence in beginner skaters. Roller skating can be easily practised indoors, or outside on smooth surfaces, where making sharp and tight turns is easier.

The Benefits of Inline Skating and Quad Skating

One of the advantages of inline and roller skating, regardless of the riding style, is muscular endurance and development. By involving your hips, lower back and buttocks, the movements help to build up leg muscles. Like any other aerobic exercise, both skating styles can give you an intense cardio workout without straining your joints and knees.

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