BMX Grinding

Everything You Need for BMX Grinding

For all freestyle riders, having the right BMX gear is a must. In our BMX grinding category, you’ll find everything you need to master those smith and feeble grinds including pegs, sleeves and grind wax.

BMX pegs are at the heart of your grinding experience. They are what you use to grind on rails and ledges and are essential for any freestyler whose goal is to do tricks. Similarly, you can also get BMX sleeves. These are usually made from plastic and are fitted around your peg, so are a great option when freshening up your pegs.

If you feel like creating your own mini skate park, then consider getting your own rail, which you will find on our BMX Ramps page.

Of course, even for riders with plenty of experience, falls do happen, so remember to wear a BMX Helmet when you’re at the skate park or on the street.

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