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Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone Dice Kitesurfing Kite

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Colour: Orange
Size: 9
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If you want to do all the different kinds of kiteboarding - waveriding, looping, and freestyle -then the Dice kite from Duotone will hit bull's eye for you.

Who is this kite good for?

  • Progressive riders that do not want to be limited to one type of riding
  • Kitesurfers that want easy handling

What are the benefits with the Duotone Dice Kite?

  • You will get better handling in strong wind, better pop, better jumping and good slack for performing tricks due to the increased leading edge diameter
  • The wing tips of this kite are less likely to twist due to increased structural stiffness
  • The construction with a slight delta-shape makes it powerful for all different kinds of riding types

Technical information

  • You can use this kite both with 4 and 5 lines

Choose your personal setup

  • Soft setting - Light bar-load with smooth and progressive power development
  • Medium setting - best of both worlds. This is the standard factory setting,
  • Hard setting - Heavy bar load, overall more dynamic ride, increased feedback from the kite - for better jumping and aggressive kite loops

Read User Manual - Click here

Kite Bar:
Not included
Kite Lines:
4 or 5 Lines Possible
Riding Style:
Freestyle, Wave
Kite Pump:
Not included
Accessory included:
Extra Features:
Trinity TX, Modern Trailing Edge Design, Load Distribution Panels, Double-V Pigtails, Kook Proof Connectors, Anti Snag, Self-rescue handles, Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam, Fusion Strut
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