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Rollerblade Endurace 110 Inline Speed Skates

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The Rollerblade Endurace is a revolutionary dual-function inline skate produced for fitness enthusiasts and speed skaters and all who are in between. By creating a boot where the cuff can be removed, Rollerblade has successfully created a skate that fits both purposes. Firstly, with the cuff on, you have a mid-level supportive fitness skate. Leave the cuff off and you get a speed focused and marathon ready setup.

The boot is further developed to ensure an optimized power transfer and to be comfortable for a full marathon race. They are highly ventilated and come with a nice padding that helps keep the break-in time low.

The frame on this model is the 3WD Marathon 110 frame from Rollerblade that is a CNC machined aluminum frame with a wheelbase perfect for the 110mm wheels. On this model, the wheels are the Rollerblade Supreme Wheels that come with ILQ-7 Twincam bearings for a speedy setup.

A unique development from Rollerblade is the DAS system, Dynamic Airflow Spoiler, which actively forces more air through the skates resulting in drier and cooler feet.

Notice: Brake is included, though not pre-mounted.

Compatible parts

Find products compatible with Rollerblade Endurace 110 Inline Speed Skates:

Compatible parts
Boot/Shell type:
Wheel diameter:
Wheel hardness:
Liner features:
Built-in, Ventilated, Anatomically shaped
Lacing, Micro-adjustment buckle, Velcro
Bearing precision:
Frame type:
Frame material:
Max wheel diameter:
Boot material:
Liner material:
Breathable mesh, Foam
Stable, Removable, Mid-cut
Included (optional)
Recommended for:
Fitness skating, Speed skating, Training skating
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