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Tempish Baby Kids ice skates

SFR Vision Skate Bag
SFR Vision Skate Bag
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Tempish Hockey Soft Skate Guards
Tempish Hockey Soft Skate Guards
1 pair
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The Baby skates from Tempish are made with the intention of giving kids a great first time on the ice. Each skate has two blades which ensures balance is always present and makes it easy to skate.

The ice skates are adjustable in length between 14cm (5.5") and 17cm (6.7"). So it will grow with your childs shoe size by simply adjusting it with a screw at the bottom.

A pair of leather straps on each skate makes them easy to get into.


Boot/Shell type:
Adjustable size
Blade sharpening:
Not required


My little grand daughter is doing really well on these skates and I'm very happy with them because she is. The straps are nice and soft. We fit them over leather boots so that there is plenty of ankle support. I misread the "offer" relating to safety elbow and knee protection so was a bit annoyed to be billed for them as I'd thought they we free So be warned They're not - and they won't fit until she's about five either. That said customer support were brilliant when we had a problem with one if the straps and sent replacent immediately so I would recommend both the skates and SkatePro
pauline hayward (liverpool)
Rating: 4 of 5!