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North Kiteboarding

North Trust Quad Control Kite Bar

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Versatile kite bar for all riding styles - The Trust Quad control kite bar comes standard with the 4 line setup for use on the majority on the North kites. Optional is also 5 line set up - the 5 line kit is sold separately.

You can easily trim the length of the lines at the bar via the integrated blackline adjuster. And the flip flop function allows you to switch different bar width.

You can also personalise the chickenloop set up to match your preferences:
Note: Sold separately

  • Freestyle chickenloop kit - Large chickenloop and long leash for easy unhooking and hooking back in, Soft neoprene covered leash.


  • Freeride chickenloop kit - small chickenloop and short leash, freeriding with no unhooking, short chickenloop maximises the depower range and makes less tangling.

Choose between shorter or longer line lengths:

Bar length:
49/42cm = 22m line length
53/46cm = 24m line length

See the the Trust kite bar manual here

Kite Lines:
4 Lines
Bar Connection:
Not included
Fits with