Penny boards

Penny Nickel Casper Cruiser Board

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The Penny Nickel board is the slightly longer version of the conventional Penny board. With a Penny Nickel board you gain extra stability because of the increased length of the board.

The Casper version is a glow-in-the-dark cruiser board. Load it up in sunlight and enjoy the soft green glow when it gets dark.

These Penny boards first emerged in the mid 70’s where plastic injection moulded skateboards were one of the finest & most stylish skateboards out! With their sharp turns & small surface area, they were the perfect answer to get you around town! Plus with the smaller size they never seemed to get in the way.

Penny Completes are an exciting re-issue of the 1970's style plastic cruiser boards.

Notice: Can be skated by everyone, but is not built for grind trick and the likes.

Deck material:
Nylon injection
Deck length:
27" (68.6cm)
Deck width:
7.5" (19.1cm)
Wheel diameter:
Deck features:
Wheel width:
Wheel hardness:
Bearing precision:
Hanger width:
4" (100mm)
Grip tape:
Not included
Riding Style:
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