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Penny X Tony Hawk Limited Edition Cruiser Board

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The "Penny For A Purpose" organisation and the Tony Hawk foundation have collaborated on this limited edition series of Penny Cruiser boards. Both of them are dedicated to the promotion of skating for everybody.

Penny For a Purpose says: "The goal is to partner with global non-profits and iconic artists to bring awareness to the communities they impact, support projects they run and encourage hope through skateboarding with young people all over the world."

Tony Hawk Foundation says: "Our goal is to help provide public skateparks in low-income areas, and – more importantly – to provide resources to groups and communities that advocate for skateparks in their area."

These Penny cruisers features the Full Skull graphic of the renowned Tony Hawk brand Birdhouse and birdhouse/penny graphics on the griptape.

These plastic cruiser skateboards first emerged in the mid 70's, where plastic-injection moulded skateboards became one of the finest & stylish skateboards out! With the Penny boards you can make sharp turns on a small surface area, making them perfect to get you around downtown. Plus with the small size of these cruiser boards, they will never get in the way.

Deck material:
Nylon injection
Deck length:
22" (55.9cm)
Deck width:
6" (15.2cm)
Wheel diameter:
Deck features:
Wheel width:
Wheel hardness:
Bearing precision:
Hanger width:
3" (76mm)
Grip tape:
Riding Style:
reviews   (9)
Had issues with the shipment but besides that my daughter absolutely loves her new pennyboard.
Amy I. (Blue Springs)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great service and fast shipping. Thanks guys!
Dale Wagler (Moorpark)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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