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Nikwax Twinpack Tech Wash/TX-Direct Wash-In

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Functional synthetic clothing has tendencies to let sweat and moisture gather on the inside of the fabric, whilst the clothes are being used in damp or wet conditions. If the outer layer of these materials then absorbs the water, the clothes can then loose upwards of 70% of its breathability.

This is where the Nikwax product TX-Direct comes in. This is the Wash-In version that will help worn technical clothing regain some of its lost DWR (water repellant) and breathability functionalities.

Combined in this package with the Tech Wash. Nikwax Tech Wash will help you clean out and revive the original breathability capabilities in your active-wear. Use this firstly, and then follow up with a treatment of TX-Direct for the best possible performance.

Notice: Included is step-by-step instructions that will help you in refreshing the functions of your favourite race suit for example. Make sure to follow these in order to avoid destroying washing equipment or clothing.