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Smith I/OX Fire Split ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror Ski Goggles

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Super stylish ski goggles from Smith. But style is not everything - with the I/OX Fire Split goggles your get an immense wide field of view. That is due to the large spherical lens (a lens curved both horizontally and vertically) and the frameless design.

If you want to shift your lens to another type the quick release lens change system makes it easy and effortless to do so.

With these goggles come two lenses from Smith most advanced lens-series. The ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror and ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash lenses. The ChromaPop technology gives you more detail over a wider range of light conditions. The ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror is perfect for a huge variety of light conditions - from low light snowy days to bright sunny days and the ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash covers low light conditions like evening times and to partly cloudy days.

Included is a microfiber goggle bag with a replacement lens-sleeve.

Face size:
M, L
Lens weathertype:
Snow, Cloudy, Partly cloudy, Sunny
Changeable Lens:
ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror
Fits with Glasses (OTG):
Helmet Compatible:
Antifog Technology:
5X anti-fog
Light Transmission(VLT):
3-layer DriWix face foam
Incl. Extra Lens:
Extra Lens:
ChromaPop Storm Flash (VLT: 50%)