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Salomon Guardian Mnc 13 Ski Bindings

Salomon Skis & Ski Equipment
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Binding mounting
Binding mounting
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Ski touring bindings with performance like an piste binding with a wide frame that provides perfect power transmission and ensures great edge to edge properties.

The Guardian MNC 13 touring ski binding from Salomon has that loose heel function that allows you to ascent the mountains in walking mode with your skis on. And the MNC technology (Multi Norm Certified) allows you to adjust the bindings to use both regular alpine ski boots (ISO 5355) and the alpine touring ski boots that complies to the ISO 9523 norms plus alpine ski boots that has the WTR (Walk To Ride) outer soles.

The bindings has brake arm system like known from regular alpine bindings and with a fairly low stand height enhances the power transmission and terrain feedback.

Small = 265 - 320mm
Large = 305 - 360mm

Note: Choose a mm-size that will fit your skis width in comparison with where it should be mounted.

Skier weight: 92-275lbs
Length Adjustment range: 7US sizes

Model specifications

ModelBrake arm Width
S - 90mm90mm
S - 100mm100mm
S - 115mm115mm
L - 90mm90mm
L - 100mm100mm
L - 115mm115mm
L - 130mm130mm


Stand Height:
DIN Range:
4.0 - 13.0
Boot Type:
Alpine ski boot (ISO 5355), Touring Ski boots(ISO 9523), WTR/GW


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