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Rottefella Bindings

Rottefella NTN Freeride Telemark Ski Bindings

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Size + length: S - 110mm
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These telemark bindings, the NTN Freeride, are powerful and the perfect choice for resort and freeride skiing in the off-piste.

The width of the brake arms/stoppers are 110mm. It is possible to buy separately stoppers with the width of 95mm or 125mm.

A simple step in and step out binding with a mode for downhill skiing and mode for uphill walking - off course with free heels all the time.

The NTN Freeride is the more heavy duty edition of the telemark bindings from Rottefella. They offer good stability, quick response and therefore good ski control. The bindings have one heel lift position of 50mm.

These bindings are only compatible with NTN (New Telemark Norm) telemark boots from the brands Crispi, Scarpa, and Scott.

Flexibility (Powertubes with other flexibility can be bought separately):

  • The small edition comes with a soft (green) powertube making a soft flex.
  • The large edition comes with a medium (blue) powertube making a medium flex

Rottefella recommends green powertubes for small boots <26.5 mondopoint and blue powertubes for large boots >26.5 mondopoint.


  • The Small fits boot sizes 22.0 - 26.0Mondopoint from the brands Scarpa and Crispi and boot sizes 22.0 - 25.5Mondopoint from the brands Garmont and Scott
  • The Large fits boots size 26.0Mondopoint and up from the brands Garmont and Scott and boot sizes 26.5Mondopoint and up from the brands Scarpa and Crispi

Note: These bindings do not have a traditional and ISO certified heel and toe release functionality. But Rottefella has made a release functionality - We follow the recommendations of Rottefella when mounting and adjusting the release functionality of the bindings.

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Telemark NTN boots
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