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MPC Wheels

MPC Black Magic Inline Skate Wheel

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The MPC BlackMagic is simply MPC’s best formulation ever, which offers excellent grip, roll and wear characteristics as proven at the World Championships and beyond. With a zero-tolerance for defects and a demand for excellence, you can rely on MPC BlackMagic for very consistent performance, no matter where you race next.

Roll Firm when race conditions are rough or slick.

Roll X-Firm when race conditions are hard, smooth and dry.

Roll XX-Firm when you look for the wheel with the most roll.

ModelWheel hardnessWheel diameter
90mm - Firm83A90mm
90mm - X-Firm85A90mm
90mm - XX-Firm87A90mm
100mm - Firm83A100mm
100mm - X-Firm85A100mm
100mm - XX-Firm87A100mm
110mm - Firm83A110mm
110mm - X-Firm85A110mm
110mm - XX-Firm87A110mm
Wheels per pack:
Core material:
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