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Slingshot Pill 2020 Wakeboard

Length: 146cm
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Slingshot Rad 2019 Wakeboard Bindings
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Slingshot Pill 2020 is a boat-chaser that redefines the term pop

With this boat specific wakeboard, you will finally get that extra boost you have always wanted. The combination between the aggressive channelling and the stiff flex for hitting hard those edges will enable you to pop high off the wake and catch crazy speeds. You will be able to feel that the board has a snappy reaction and a great grip when you edge into the wake, without any sacrifices being made on the speed.


  • The edge enhancer fins will add stability to your tabletops and extra holding for the edge
  • Inserts reinforced with carbon fibre which reduces your board’s weight, increases pull strength and provide more flex
  • Dampening and durability without a rival on the market inspired from the urethane skateboard wheels with a high durometer, all thanks to the fusion sidewall
  • 3-stage rocker supplying you with increased load time off the wake, resulting into a bigger pop
  • You will feel increased traction and redirected water flow along the channel lines, with the neca tech channels
  • The rigid-flex gives this board immediate reaction weather you want an immediate pop or a shape that holds better on big landings
142cm43.2cm (17'')55.91" (142cm)
146cm44cm (17.32'')57.48" (146cm)
Riding Style:
Boat, Wakestyle
Skill Level:
Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Core material: