Skigo Wax Iron Thick Sole

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For keeping your ironing temperature steady you should go for this Thick Sole Wax Iron from SkiGo

When ironing in flour powders, paraffin or other glide-wax types you need a good temperature span and a steady temperature. This is why the Thick Sole iron from SkiGo is preferred by the professional wax technicians.

Tech Features:

  • Easy setting of the temperature with a digital display and a dial-adjuster
  • The green light turns on when the iron has reached your set temperature
  • The sole is quick to heat up and has a steady heat-level
  • Rounded edges on especially the front and rear of the iron make it glide smoothly over most surfaces
  • Made to handle most types of flour-powder, flour-blocks, and Glider-paraffin
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