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Landyachtz Hollowtech Super Flex Stratus Complete Longboard

Colour: Blue
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Triple Eight EP 55 Elbow pads
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Landyachtz Stickers
Landyachtz Stickers
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Triple Eight Brainsaver Skate Helmet
Triple Eight Brainsaver Skate Helmet
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Triple Eight EP 55 Elbow pads
Triple Eight EP 55 Elbow pads
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High-end complete longboard with a bunch of flex

The Hollowtech Super Flex Stratus Longboard is as high-end as it gets when speaking complete skateboards. It's flexible, light, and very strong.

Flexible bamboo Hollowtech construction for a light and durable setup

  • Parts of the deck material has been cut out allowing the light to shine through and the setup to weigh less.
  • No strength has been sacrificed in the process.
  • Made from a mix of flexible bamboo and light fibreglass materials.

Practise your dance moves or simply enjoy the smooth ride

  • Perfect for practising dance moves and cross stepping because of its flexible properties.
  • Move freely thanks to the 'grip tape-free' zone in the centre of the deck.
  • Smooth-riding skateboard 100% suitable for daily rides and city cruises as well.
  • Avoid wheel bites when standing on the edges thanks to its wheel wells.
  • Avoid 'overstepping' easy with its mellow concave.

For every Landyachtz board sold a new tree will be planted

The guys at Landyachtz are very environmentally conscious. They want to give back to nature and they do that by planting a new tree, good for about 60 new skateboard decks, every time a deck is sold.

29.5" (74.9cm)
Deck length:
45.5" (115.6cm)
Deck material:
Bamboo, 4-ply
Additional materials:
Fibreglass, 2-ply
Riding Style:
Freestyle, Dancing, Cruise
Deck width:
9.25" (23.5cm)
Deck features:
Double kicktail, Wheel wells