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Enuff Skateboards

Enuff Pyro II Kids Complete Skateboard

Colour: Blue
Size: 7.75"
In stock
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The Enuff Pyro II is perfect for kicking-off that skate game. This Enuff skateboard will be a great companion in your first encounters with the skate world. Buying a complete board is making sure that you get great value for the money spent and the best part - you don't even need to assemble it yourself.

  • Medium sized wheels with a diameter of 53mm for an all-around use, no matter if you want to go for the streets or the skate park
  • Hard wheels in 100A to land your tricks solidly and perfect for powerslides

This skateboard comes in different deck widths: 7.5" and 7.75"

  • Choose the 7.5" narrow deck size if you want a board where less power is required to perform street tricks and which is easy to flip around
  • The deck width of 7.75" is a good all-rounder that supports you the best if you want to play in all disciplines of skateboarding
ModelDeck width
7.75" - Blue7.75" (19.7cm)
7.75" - White7.5" (19cm)
Deck length:
31" (78.7cm)
Deck material:
Maple, 7-ply
Additional materials:
American stiff glue
Deck features:
Double kicktail
Wheel diameter:
Wheel width:
Wheel hardness:
Wheel material:
Bearing precision:
Deck Colours:
Fixed Colours
Truck type:
Standard kingpin
Hanger width:
5" (129mm)
95A, SHR
Grip tape:
Max rider weight:
Recommended from:
6 years
reviews   (516)
Deck is great but bigger than I ordered and the trucks and wheels are budget quality so a little disappointed considering price. Box was damaged upon delivery but skateboard was ok. Won’t take the risk on this brand again.
Scott A. (Bembridge)
Rating: 3 of 5!
Reply from SkatePro:  Hi Scott,

I'm sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with your skateboard! I have contacted you to make this right and hopefully, you will soon be able to enjoy skateboarding.🛹🔥

Great product! Fast shipping! My son is enjoying his first skateboard.
Ian Kelly (Dalgety Bay)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Got this for my 12 year old daughter but it has not been used yet as got it for her Christmas present otherwise Very nice skateboard the wood looks very good quality she be sooo happy with it thank you
Tina Bibbey (Manor Park)
Rating: 5 of 5!
My son love it !
Tsvetinka Stoyanova (Bracknell)
Rating: 5 of 5!
James Allen (Galway)
Rating: 5 of 5!
brillant skateboard ... love the graphics
Alannah J. (Leixlip, Co Kildare)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great product. Fast shipping. My daughter is delighted with it.
Amanda Flood (Kilcoole Wicklow)
Rating: 5 of 5!
My 14yr old loves this board, very sturdy and looks durable. Would definitely recommend
Cameron P. (Portlaoise)
Rating: 4 of 5!
My 9 yr old boy is delighted with this skateboard it looks even better in person. Amazed at his progress on this already, very sturdy board. Very prompt delivery and packaged well big thank you.
Louise k. (Ennis Co Clare)
Rating: 5 of 5!
The best skate shop out there.I always buy only from them and never go wrong.I recommend this shop to my friends and family.Thank you.
Lukasz Gladysz (Shannon)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Reply from SkatePro:  Thank you for kind comments! We are glad to hear you have been happy with our products and services 😊 Looking forward to hear from you soon! / Henri
Fast shipping, very nice skateboard! Packaging wasn't bad though it could be not so loose in the box.
Sarunas Kucys (Ashbourne )
Rating: 5 of 5!
I ride it quite alot. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. It feels nice, rides nice, and the grip tape is Hella good
Zachariah Ward (Jackson)
Rating: 5 of 5!
My son loves his board.
Sonja Burks (Anchorage)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great product! Fast shipping! My son is enjoying his new skateboard, thank you!
Alma Sanchez (Reno)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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