How to change rollerblade wheels

The wheels is the part of the rollerblades that are worn out most quickly. You can easily change the wheels yourself. Just follow this guide.

Necessary tool: An Allen key or a skate-tool (For some skates you might need 2 tools, one for each side of the wheel).

Picture 1: The rear yellow wheel is going to be substituted with the new wheel

Use the tool in the axle, that goes through the rear wheel.
Turn out the axle with the tool.
Then axle and screw can be removed. Also remove the old wheel.

Picture 2: Turn counter-clockwise for loosing the wheel

At this point is a good idea to clean the frame and the bearings.
Wipe of dirt with a dry cloth from where the wheel was positioned.

Picture 3: Remove dirt from the frame, where the wheel was placed

Take out the bearings from the old wheel (use skate-tool).
If you want to reuse the bearings in the new wheel, then wipe off all dirt from the bearings with a dry cloth.
Beside the 2 bearings, a spacer is also located in the wheel. This spacer should also be used in the new wheel (Please note, that some skates have 2- og 3-divided spacers).

Picture 4: The old wheel with the bearings and the spacer

Place bearings and spacer in the new wheel. The bearings should fit tightly. (if the bearings do not fit tightly, play in the wheel occurs, which should be avoided. Find better wheels with a tighter hub)

Picture 5: New wheel with one bearing and spacer mounted

The new wheel is ready for refitting. Place the new wheel at the empty spot in the frame.

Picture 6: New wheel ready for refitting

Put axle through the wheel and place screw.
Turn the screw in with the skate-tool.
Tighten the screw hard, still enabling the wheel to rotate freely.

Picture 7: Turn clockwise in order to tighten the screw.

Repeat same procedure for all wheels. New wheels usually have a larger diameter than the worn wheels. Therefor you will be able to skate faster, so take care the first time you use your rollerblades after wheel change.

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