Buying hockey equipment

    These are a few thing to consider when buying hockey equipment

    1. Know your needs

    Find out how much equipment you really need. If you only play now and then for fun, you only need the most important safety equipment. When you have skates and stick the most important safety equipment is helmet, gloves and shinguards.

    2. Good equipment makes you better

    When you buy equipment find something that fits you and gives good protection, so that you can concentrate on the game and not on avoiding injuries.

    3. Equipment should fit together

    When you try on equipment do it with the equipment you already have to make sure it goes toghether. E.g. use your hockey socks when trying on skates. Pay attention overlap or gap between elbow and shoulder protection, between shinguards and skates etc.

    More tips for buying equipment

    Here you will find more tips on buying specific hockey equipment:
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