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Custom Scooter Builder

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Custom Scooter Builder

Build Your Own Scooter Right Here

The SkatePro Custom Scooter Builder tool has always been a tremendous success. In addition to offering various combinations of parts, our custom scooter builder allows you to visualise the design of the stunt scooter you're creating throughout the entire process. Imagine watching your new custom stunt scooter come to life as you build it. It's truly priceless!

What's more, when you order your custom-built scooter, you'll receive a gift card and freebies – what's not to like?

SkatePro Custom Scooter Builder Features

With the SkatePro Custom Scooter Builder, you can design your own scooter, and our experts will assemble it for you. We offer a wide selection of parts from some of the best brands on the market, and all the parts recommended by the scooter builder at each step are compatible.

Building a custom pro scooter on your own is a time-consuming process. You would have to research all the parts, ensure their compatibility, acquire the components, and build the scooter yourself. The SkatePro Custom Scooter Builder allows you to skip this lengthy process, ensuring that your custom scooter is built quickly and professionally.

How Do You Make Your Own Scooter?

Designing your own scooter with the SkatePro Scooter Builder is a straightforward process. Every time you choose a part, you'll be presented with new components that are compatible with your selection. Clicking on a scooter part will display all relevant specifications, such as weight, colour, and price.


  • The parts are no longer refundable when you or our experts have started assembling the scooter.
  • Mixing components from different brands may require additional parts to ensure compatibility. These additional parts will not incur any extra charges. This often happens when deciding to mount SCS compression on your scooter.

Share Your Custom Stunt scooter Picture With Your Friends!

When you've finished designing your brand-new scooter, you don't have to wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep to show it off to your friends or parents. Our "share" button allows you to display your build online for everyone to see.

Now, there's only one thing left to say: ready, set, build, and go!

Changing a previously chosen part may remove one or more of the parts
chosen later in the process because of incompatibility.