Bodyboard flippers

Good to know

Bodyboard flippers - the essential "accessory"

If you buy a bodyboard, you should also buy a pair of bodyboard fins. There is actually only a few downsides of using bodyboard flippers, and these are easily forgotten when we take a look at the positive sides. The best bodyboard fins will do for you is:

  • Propel you through waves way easier, and provided you with good acceleration to catch more waves;
  • Help you catch as much as waves as possible;
  • As you become more experienced, the fins will help you to control your rail edge as you glide across waves;
  • From a safety point of view, they make it easier to get back to shallow water, if you should find yourself drifting away from the shore;
  • Once you have tried it, you'll never go back to non-fin bodyboarding – they're just way too practical and nifty!

On the negative side, they will make you look a bit clumsy up on the beach. It is also very important to get a pair of bodyboard fins that fit you perfectly to minimise the risk of any fin rugs.