Kitesurfing Packages

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Get Started with Kitesurfing Packages

Here you will find the main kitesurfing equipment needed to get you out in the water. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a regular as we have kitesurfing gear packages for different abilities. Buying a package is not only convenient but gives you the bonus of getting a nice discount versus buying the equipment individually. It also guarantees that all the equipment is compatible with each other.

Equipment in Kitesurfing Packages

The 4 main pieces of equipment that the kitesurfing packages include are kite, kitesurf bar, kiteboard and straps & bindings. The kites and kiteboards can vary in size and length depending on the riding style. Your shoe size will help decide on which straps and bindings to get. And finally, the main decision with the bars is choosing between a 4 line and 5 line kitesurf bar. 4 line bars are beginner friendly and simple to use while 5 line bars have a trickier set up but allow for an easier relaunch in the lighter winds. To learn more about the equipment and how to pick kitesurfing gear, check out Buying Kitesurfing Gear.

The harness is another piece of equipment that is necessary when kitesurfing. It connects you to the kitesurf bar and must be comfortable and durable. To see our collection, check out Kitesurfing Harnesses.

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