Electric Skateboards / Electric Longboards


Electric skateboards - the future of personal transportation?

The electric bicycle has become mainstream within the last few years, and at the moment, we see this interest spreading in other areas such as electric skateboards or more often referred to as electric longboards, scooters, and hoverboards. There is no reason to think, that this development won’t continue for many years. The capacity of the batteries becomes bigger, charging time reduces and durability of the engines is constantly improving. So why not giving the electric longboards a try?

Why getting an electric longboard?

To begin with, commuting becomes way easier, eco-friendly and fun at the same time. If you don't want to sweat on your bike all the way to work or get smashed in the bus, the electric longboards are the solution. You most surely have seen the happy guy on his electric longboard making his way through the traffic or the crowd at an impressive speed and almost zero effort, while you are stuck in your car or the bus.

Moreover, if you are a keen longboarder, the electric skateboards, or longboards are the perfect option when you have precisely those tiny, annoying hills on the way to work or school. In that way, you can still get your 'longboard fix' for the day, avoid the sweats, and do something good for Mother Nature.