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What Kind of Shirts Do Scooter Riders Wear?

Wearing a t-shirt is a key part of every scooter rider’s look. You can wear a t-shirt in a bright colour. Some scooter riders wear a white tee to look cool and casual. Casual, dark tees are always a good choice to look chilled and relaxed. You can always bring a pop of colour with your hat or shoes.

What T-Shirt Should I Wear on a Stunt scooter?

You should wear a t-shirt that is breathable and comfortable. Especially in summer, you do not want to find yourself dripping in sweat after a long session at the park. You will need a t-shirt that ensures a wide range of motion to not compromise your mobility when performing stunts. Consider getting scooter t-shirts with added durability. In case you experience unwanted falls, a good t-shirt can resist the impact and not tear.

Choosing Your Scooter T-shirt Style

Most stunt scooter brands offer a casual look in their collection. This is the most common and popular dressing style among stunt scooter riders. Larger t-shirts with bright colours might help you stand out from the crowd with a hip-hop style. Finally, Aggressive themed tees are for those scooter riders searching for a punk style look.

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