Rollerblade size chart & sizing guide

This brand does not use the same sizing guide for all products. Please check the sizing guide we show on each product.

Rollerblade follow normal shoe sizes. Choose the same size as your normal shoe size. However, we always recommend that you use foot length shown in the size conversion chart.

Rollerblade fits normal/wide feet.

Conversion chart - Find your size

Foot lengthMondopointUK MenUK WomenUK Kids
6.5"165 mm8C8C8C
6.7"170 mm9.5C-9.5C
6.9"175 mm10.5C10.5C10.5C
7.3"185 mm11C11.C11C
7.7"195 mm12C12C12C
7.9"200 mm13C13C13C
8.1"205 mm13.5C13.5C13.5C
8.3"210 mm111
8.5"215 mm222
8.7"220 mm333
8.9"225 mm3.53.53.5
9.1"230 mm444
9.3"235 mm4.54.54.5
9.4"240 mm555
9.6"245 mm5.55.55.5
9.8"250 mm666
10.0"255 mm6.56.56.5
10.2"260 mm777
10.4"265 mm7.57.57.5
10.6"270 mm888
10.8"275 mm8.58.58.5
11.0"280 mm999
11.2"285 mm9.59.59.5
11.4"290 mm101010
11.6"295 mm10.510.510.5
11.8"300 mm111111
12.0"305 mm11.511.511.5
12.2"310 mm121212
12.4"315 mm12.512.512.5
12.6"320 mm131313
12.8"325 mm13.513.513.5
13.0"330 mm141414
13.2"335 mm14.514.514.5
13.4"340 mm151515
13.6"345 mm15.515.515.5
13.8"350 mm161616
14.0"355 mm16.516.516.5

How to measure your foot length

Place your foot against a wall and measure the distance from the wall to the tip of your toes.

How to measure your foot length

Manufacturers do not always use the same sizes for shoes. We therefore recommend that you use your foot length to find your correct size. The international standard for foot length is known as Mondopoint and indicates the size of the foot in millimetres (mm).

In the size chart we have converted Mondopoints into foot length in inches to make it easier for you to find your size :-)