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Chaya Ophira 45 Roller Derby Plate Set

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Size + shoe size (UK Men): 12 - 10.5-12
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The Chaya Roller Derby Ophira 45° plate is a serious powerhouse plate for having a great time on the Derby track. With a weight of only 545 gramme per complete plate (size 6) it is very light weight. This is made possible due to the use of 7075 grade aluminium which is not only light but also very strong and durable.

One of the key features that set this plate apart from others is the Dual Centre Mounting - unique to Chaya. A two-bolt mounting system that makes it easy to mount it to the Chaya boots. It also comes with drilled slots for mounting with regular boots.

The Ophira 45° Plate set comes with standard hangers with standard thread/nut wheel mounting. A bit more slow than Chayas quick-axle systems but strong, durable and known to most.

The Power Toe System on the Ophira plate ensures a better push and increased control.

The Cherry bomb toe stop is offset for enhanced power transfer, better balance and more controlled stops. The flat surface of the stop gives it grip in bunches and provides a superior durability.

This 45° version is a very agile and super responsive plate that reacts faster with less effort from the skater.


  • Super Lightweight - At only 545 g per plate
  • Jelly Interlock SHR PU-Cushions
  • Extruded and CNC machined metal parts make it super strong.
  • Laser printet graphical details
reviews   (1)
These plates are light as all get out! I love the way they feel and move under my skates.
Robert Ahlness (Coconut Creek)
Rating: 5 of 5!