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Lupine Lighting Systems

Lupine Neo X 2 Headlight

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The headlamp from Lupine named the Neo X 2 is a powerful light with a lumen on 700. Even though the Neo is the smallest in the headlamp series from Lupine it provides you with a clear vision due to the bright and widespread light - beams up to a distance of 120m. A good choice for roller skiing, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, biking, hiking and running.

It has a five light mode with various power. Built with a robust aluminium housing and thick rubber wireing.


- Headlamp Neo
- 2.2 Ah FastClick Battery
- Headband with FastClick
- Runtime at full beam : App. 2:15h
- Runtime at low beam: App 50h
- Ligth reach: 120m
- Weight: 195g (included battery)
- Charger

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