Cross country ski boots

In this category you can find a selection of cross country ski boots.

How To Find The Right Cross country ski boots

Cross country ski boots with a good fit is essential for a good run on cross country skis.

When buying cross country ski boots, it is important to consider how the cross country ski boots are going to be used. There is a difference between the kinds of cross country ski boots suitable for race and for only small tours.

We offer three various cross country ski boots: Classic, Skating and Back Country.

Besides that, it is important to find a pair of cross country ski boots matching your bindings. Various binding systems exist, such as SNS, NNN and NIS. Salomon's SNS-binding fits with Salomon and Atomic cross country ski boots, whereas NNS- and NIS bindings fits with Rossignol, Fischer, Alpina and Madshus cross country ski boots.