Assembling a Stunt Scooter

    It's not easy to build your own custom stunt scooter. There are as many parts that do not fit together, and wrong assembly can easily destroy parts. This guide helps with tips and tricks for scooter assembly.

    Parts for stunt scooters are often made ​​with different standards, and therefore there is no manual on how to assemble a custom scooter. Most people are recommended to use our Build a scooter tool to ensure that all parts fit together.

    A Custom Stunt scooter consists of

    1x Deck Includes brake & bolt unless otherwise noted
    1x Fork Not all forks fit with 110mm wheels
    1x Bar Remember to oversized bar require oversized clamp
    1x Head set Threadless headset only fits with threadless fork
    1x Compression There are many systems, the most widely used is ICS, HIC & SCS
    1x Set Grips Grips for bars fit all bars, unless otherwise noted
    1x Clamp Remember that an oversized clamp requires an oversized bar
    1x Grip Tape Free choice, but some may need to be cut with a utility knife
    2x Wheel Remember 1 wheel per package (unless otherwise stated)
    4x Bearings Our bearings fit with all our wheels (unless otherwise stated)
    2x Spacer (8mm) Bearings may be destroyed without the use of spacers

    Naming the parts

    The model shown is using an ICS system

    Stunt scooter parts

    Advice and recommendations from SkatePro

    • Get an adult to help with the assembly
    • Use the proper tool
    • Expect to use at least 3 hours for assembly (if you have not tried it before)
    • Choose parts from the same brand and with dimensions that fit together.
    • If you choose lightweight parts, then bear in mind, that they are usually more easily broken than heavy parts.
    • We recommend all serious riders to choose a threadless headset and fork with a compression system.
    • When you receive the package, check if you have everything and the parts fit together before you start to assemble. (You can return the new / unused parts).
    • Always tighten all screws and nuts before running and maintening the scooter as described in the manual. Replace defective components & spare parts.
    • After time there will always appear some slack in the headset and even the most expensive one isn't "without noice" quite a long time. (Often it will help to tighten the compression system)
    • Avoid water, sand, moist areas - and too many failed tricks, hahah ;)

    Watch our video below that basically shows a custom scooter being assembled.

    The video shows how to assemble a stunt scooter with tools that are available to most people. When SkatePro gathers scooters used professionally special tool to eg assembly / disassembly of headsets and crown raise.

    Shall we assemble your scooter?

    Unfortunately, we have seen many examples of custom scooters are assembled wrong or insufficient. This results in a scooter that is not working properly and in many cases the scooter parts are worn very quickly or are easily defected.

    If you want to make sure that your scooter is assembled correctly you need to add custom scooter assembly to your order. Then SkatePro assembles your custom scooter.

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