Parts for Inline Skates

How Long Will My Inline skates Parts Last?

Most parts of your inline skates will probably last for a long period of time. Their longevity mostly depends on the quality of parts, the type of skating you do and how often you go skating.

For example, an aggressive inline skater that performs jumps and grinds five times a week will have to change boots and frames in less than a year. On the other hand, an occasional fitness inline skater that goes skating once a week might see the skates lasting more than ten years.

Inline skates wheels are often the first components to be replaced by the average inline skater. They can be changed easily and can be found in different shapes and sizes to accommodate all riding styles. The key for long-lasting inline skate parts is to clean and maintain them. Parts like bearings and axles should be checked and cleaned regularly to not let the dirt build up.

When To Replace Inline skates Parts

Inline skate buckles erode with time and can break as a final result. The head of the buckle lasts a very long time if made of metal, but if it is made of plastic it can snap quite easily. Consider getting replacements instead of changing the whole boot.

Other parts like laces and brakes corrode over time and usage. The more you skate, the more useful it is to keep replacement parts at hand. Worn-down laces will not tighten your liners well enough. Overused brakes will not function properly and not slow you down as much as intended.

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