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What Parts Do I Need for My Freeskates?

Freeskates, also known as urban skates or freestyle skates, are an awesome way to get around the city or just have fun at the skate park. However, the more you will be skating the more your components will wear down and will be in need of replacement. It is often recommended to check your freeskates’ parts after every skating session.

Freeskate wheels and frames, as well as your bearings, buckles and liners, can negatively affect your rolling experience. It's always a good idea to have fresh new freestyle gear ready by your side in case your current parts are showing signs of damage.

When Should I Replace My Freeskates Parts?

As mentioned, the frequency of which you should replace your freeskate gear is determined by how often you practise freeskating. You should always keep an eye on all areas of your skates.

Wheels and Bearings

Freestyle skate wheels wear down depending on how soft they are and how often you use them. Freeskate wheels should never wear down too much or the skates will get difficult to control, resulting in dangerous falls. Bearings are probably the most delicate part of your skates, but If cleaned frequently and kept away from the dirt, they can last many years. However, when you notice that you can’t glide on your skates smoothly, it will be time to replace your bearings.

Liners and Buckles

The liners of your freeskates can wear down faster than the boot due to their softer material. It is also a good idea to use antibacterial spray on them to prevent bacteria and mould forming. Buckles are crucial for your overall stability while skating. They usually last a very long time, but they might snap when skating if they are worn out and compromise your safety.


If you are mounting a brake on your freeskates remember that it will wear down quickly. The surface you will be skating on, your weight and how often you skate will determine how often they need to be changed. Remember to check your brake frequently to get a good idea of how quickly it is wearing out.

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