Space Scooters & Slider Scooters

Space scooters and slider scooters are great fun

In this category, you will find space scooters and slider scooters from brands such as Space scooter, Slider Scooter and more.

The scooters from Space scooter can be described as a cool alternative to normal scooters. They will give you a feeling of walking in mid-air by moving the deck up and down. The scooters from Space scooter can be used by both adults and kids for easy transportation and fun. Since there’s a lot of pumping on the backend of the scooter involved for getting up to speed, the grip tape on these scooters is a bit more durable than on regular stunt, pro and big wheeled scooters. When the grip tape gets worn down, it is a part that is very cheap and easy to replace.

Other than Space Scooters, you will as mentioned also find Slider Scooters in this category. Scooters from Slider Scooter are designed with two decks and can be used in multiple ways. They are designed in the USA and can be used by both adults and kids in all ages. As the scooters from Space scooter, scooters from Slider Scooter are ideal for transport as well, especially due to their foldable design.

Powerwing - a grown-up three-wheeler

We also carry the very popular Powerwing Caster II from Razor. The loosely mounted wheels let you perform ripping Sideways drifting and 360 spins easier than ever. The Powerwing caster is a great way to have fun if you want to take a break from crazy trick on your pro/stunt scooter.