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Mini BMX Parts to Maintain Your Set-Up

Mini BMX bikes have been created as a fun and playful alternative to the full-size BMX. They are often ridden on rough terrain, so it is common that parts of the mini BMX will need to be replaced at some point. In this category, you will find a choice of many parts such as mini BMX handlebars, cranks and brake kits that you can instal to your set-up.

How to Instal Mini Bike pegs

Mini BMX pegs are a fun addition to your bike that can open up a whole new book of tricks. Most mini BMX bikes don’t come with pegs, so you normally have to buy them separately and instal them yourself.

To instal the mini BMX pegs, start by taking off the axle bolt and washer with a regular ratchet or wrench. The washer is no longer needed as the pegs will now do the job of the washer. Place the peg through the axle and with the use of the ratchet, place the axle bolt through the peg and start to thread on the axle until it is tight enough. After having done that, you are ready to go.

When making adjustments to your mini BMX, you should be fine with the tools you use for your regular BMX. However, in case you don’t have the right tools in your garage, visit our page Tools For Mini BMX.

Customise Your Bike with Mini BMX Accessories

Sometimes it’s just nice to give your mini BMX a fresh look with some new accessories. We have a colourful selection of mini BMX pedals, which is an easy way to add something new. Mini BMX grips use the same sizing as regular BMX grips, so to see our collection, check out BMX Grips.

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