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Mini BMX Parts


Here you find all the Mini BMX parts you need to maintain your Mini rocker BMX bike. Furthermore, you’ll also find a huge selection of pedals, grips in all sorts of designs and colours that can be used add some personality to your Mini BMX bike.

Of course, we have all the mini BMX bike parts you’ll need to keep your Mini Rocker BMX bike in great shape. In this category, you’ll find basic spare parts such as sprockets, cranksets, front and back axles, headsets and much more. This is also where you have to look if you need a new pair of pegs for your mini BMX or a new seat.

Make it personal

This is also the place that you have a look if you’re planning to customise you Mini Rocker. We carry various mini BMX bike parts that can add some personality to your setups, such as pedals in all the colours of the rainbow and awesome looking grips for your handlebars. We even got a 4-piece handlebar in neochrome!

A bag of gold.

Let’s be honest; if you're riding your Mini Rocker every day for many hours, you’ll risk that it will break down in one or the other way. With a kitbag, you don't need to need to go home from the skate park just because your pegs are loose or your tyres need air.

In this category you’ll find kitbag essentials such as an Allen key and air pump, both are made to fit in a small backpack - they are the perfect companions when you’re heading out for a day on your Mini Rocker BMX.