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Cruiser longboards - for cruises and transportation

On this page you will find a nice selection of cruiser longboards and carving boards.

The cruiser is probably the type of longboard that first pops into mind when thinking about longboards in general. Cruiser boards are lively to ride and as the name implies, they are suitable for cruising around. With cruising longboards you typically push the board or pump your way through the landscape. They are also great as a transportation device getting you from A to B.

We recommend a cruiser longboard if you just enjoy a nice cruise or if you are all new to longboarding and haven’t yet found your own style. After some time practising your skills, you can tweak the board to fit your longboarding style.

Carving longboards - surfing on asphalt

Carving longboards are made for powerful pumping. With its dynamic turns this longboarding style feels like snowboarding or power surfing on asphalt. When you carve you pump the board to gain and maintain speed and with deep turns shaped like an S you can control your speed.

The longboards on this page that are specifically made for powerful carving, are generally designed with a variety of technical aspects that make them highly suitable for carving. Nevertheless, since the different longboarding styles often tend to overlap each other, it is possible to upgrade your cruiser for optimised carving abilities (see next section).

Upgrade your cruiser longboard to other styles

Even though cruiser longboards are specifically made for cruising around, you can still reach high speeds and tweak the parts to obtain some of the same qualities the other longboard types have. Obviously, using a longboard for the purpose it was made for, is the optimal choice, but if you are just a bit curious and want to have a taste of some of the other longboarding styles, you can make some alterations to your cruiser. The following shows you how to obtain the main features of other longboard types:


On this page you will find carver longboards specifically made for powerful carving, but simply by loosening the trucks it is possible to upgrade your cruising longboard for optimised carving features. Loosen the trucks gradually until you find the desired level of agility. With looser trucks pumping and making deeper turns becomes easier.


If your cruiser longboard is already in the longer end - at least 40’’ long and not too unique in the deck design - you can also use it for dancing. The long shape gives you a good platform to perform boardwalks and even freestyle tricks.


Your cruiser board should at least measure 38’’ to use it for downhill rides and you should get wider trucks and harder wheels - typically 86A. With a longer board and wider trucks you increase the board’s directional stability and reduce the risk of speed wobbles. Harder wheels also make it easier for you to initiate slides compared to softer wheels that will impede the slide from triggering due to the increased amount of grip in softer wheels.

Feel free to contact our customer support on how to upgrade your cruiser longboard to your riding style.

Cruiser longboards - classic shapes

The shape of longboards is really all about style. Which type of board you choose is therefore mostly based on your personal preference and taste in the design. Classic cruiser longboards like the pintail and the fishtail have a surfer-inspired look to create a surf-like vibe on the streets. From the classic longboards other shapes inspired by different usages emerged. One of the first alterations of the classic boards was the implementation of the kicktail which made it possible to make sharper turns.

Check out our huge selection of cruiser longboards on this page!

If you still have questions about longboards, you can read our guide to Buying Longboards.

You are also more than welcome to contact customer support who are always ready to help you find the right longboard.