MOB Grip

MOB Grip specializes in high-quality grip tapes that can be used for different boards and stunt scooters. The brand is known to produce ‘The Grippiest’ grip tapes in skateboarding, and MOB Grip is one of the top choices of professional riders across the world. What makes MOB grip tapes unique is their bubble-free and super-adhesive technology, ensuring that the grip tape can be attached without the accumulation of air bubbles. In addition, MOB grip tapes are designed to be waterproof and extremely durable, and they are available in single sheets or convenient grip tape rolls.

MOB Grip is part of the NHS Fun Factory, which is one of the leading skateboarding companies worldwide. Therefore, with a lot of skateboarding knowledge and experience behind it, MOB Grip knows how to create some of the best quality grip tapes on the market with flashy and eye-catching graphics.

Follow the footsteps of the professionals and choose MOB’s grip tapes for top-notch quality.

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