Ski Protection Gear

Good to know

Why do you need a quality ski protection gear?

Finding the right ski protective gear can turn out into an adventure in itself. But fear not! We got you covered literally from head to toe. And it is not only about the safety that the gear gives you but also the mental security which allows you to get the best out of the day. You will see that ski protection automatically makes you faster, more confident, and willing to learn and explore more.

What are the essential parts of ski protection?

Ski protection starts with the helmet and those we have plenty of so just pick your style. Worth noticing are the Mips technology helmets that protect your head from impacts coming from the side as well.

Then comes the back protector which a nice and easy way to stay on the safe side when it comes to injuries on your spine. Those injuries can be quite unpleasant so why not minimise them when you can.

Same goes for crash trousers. Hip injuries are quite often for skiers and no one wants a ruined ski holiday with a crash on day 2.

for the most extreme snow lovers, it is crucial to get prepared with some avalanche safety gear as well. If you are planning on hitting the backcountry and the untouched deep snow, this type of ski protective gear is a must.

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