Alpine Ski boots

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Downhill Ski boots for All Skiers

Downhill ski boots are designed to keep you securely fixed to your skis, so you can comfortably stay in control while cruising down the slopes. The huge selection of ski boots is divided into men's and women's ski boots, as well as kid’s ski boots. Within these categories, you can filter by “type” which are briefly explained below -

All Mountain Ski boots

Very versatile ski boots that can be used in all types of conditions on the mountain.

Piste Ski boots

Designed to give you maximum control on-piste and are capable of handling high speeds.

Park Ski boots

Responsive and playful ski boots that give you a smooth riding experience on many of the features found in the snowpark.

Freeride Ski boots

A lightweight version of all mountain ski boots that can handle high-speed and fresh powder.

Touring Ski boots

Comfortable and very lightweight ski boots with pin/tech inserts for uphill hiking.

Race Ski boots

Stiff and responsive boots that react to the smallest movements of the feet.

How Ski boots Should Fit

Ski boots should have a tight and secure hold on all areas of your feet and ankles without being uncomfortable or cutting off the blood supply. This is easier said than done, but ski boot manufacturers are making it simpler for you by providing accurate size measurements of the length and width of the inside of the boots.

Ski boot sizing is the length (mondopoint) from toe to heel, given in centimetres. Start by measuring the length of your feet and choose ski boots as close to this length as possible. In the specifications of every pair of ski boots, you can also find the width of the ski boot forefoot. Using the same process as before, choose ski boots where your foot width matches the width of the ski boots.

What Does Flex Mean in Ski boots?

The ski boot flex number describes how flexible the outer shell of the boot is. The numbers range from 40 to 130 where lower flex numbers equal softer flexing boots and the high flex numbers equal harder flexing boots. If you would like to find out your recommended flex number, then visit our guide and flex chart - What Ski boot Flex Should I Choose?

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