Head Torch & Headlamp

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A headlamp is a useful piece of equipment

In this category, you can find yourself a headlamp / head torch. We have lamps that fit your every need, no matter if you are a paper boy that needs some extra light in the early hours of the day or an experienced MTB-rider that enjoys those off track rides in the woods late in the evening. And as always our products are of the highest quality and functionality.

A head torch is optimal in all kinds of action sports at night. They make it possible to keep your hands free and easily orient you on for example skates, alpine skis, roller skis or BMX, but also if you are an orienteering runner, you will need a high-quality headlamp.

A headlamp for walking and a headlamp for skiing

Headlamps come in various designs with different strength of light and ways to mount it on the head, bike or helmet. The amount of light a lamp produce is measured in lumens. In our assortment, you will find lamps in the range of 80 lumens to 5.000 lumens. 80 lumens is suitable for a walk at night, but you don’t want to rely too much on the strength of this lamp when you are traveling at higher speeds.

Our top model with 5.000 lumens can really light up even the darkest woods. With a range of up to 325m light up the distance, this is not a headlamp that you should be using if you are running, skating or skiing near a road since it can dazzle oncoming drivers.

Besides being used for action sports, head torches are also used by workers, such as miners, search and rescue workers, surgeons, and paperboys - giving them a safer work environment with hands-free light.